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Zite Adds First Branded Section for Lululemon, But Still No Ads in App

Tablet magazine Zite has just launched its first branded section for athletic clothing line lululemon yet still refrains from placing ads -- which have become the norm on Flipboard, Editions by AOL and tablet content platform OnSwipe.

"We’ve been very vocal about not putting ads into Zite," the blog states. "Though you will find lululemon posts within the section, most of the content is simply what may inspire a lululemon guest," the Zite blog states. "From health articles to fitness tips, lululemon trained the channel to generate content that would appeal to health and fitness buffs. Of course, the lululemon channel will also personalize content for you based on your reading habits and specific interests."
To access the channel, click "Customize" and select lululemon. 

Flipboard, which...

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Nimble Is Free No More, Launching CRM Platform at $15 Per User Monthly for Businesses

Nimble, the social CRM company that lets you monitor your Gmail, calendar, Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts, is set to publicly launch in January 2012 at a price slightly hire than expected.  

"As you know, Nimble has been free during our testing phase," CEO Jon Ferrara writes to users. "We wanted to wait until Nimble was something worth paying for...something truly helpful in growing a business."

While a free single-user version of Nimble for basic social relationship management will still be available, businesses who use Nimble as a team will have to pay $15 per user per month...

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Google Search Makes Graphing Math Functions Easy and Free

Students can now plot mathematical functions including trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic, using Google search.

Simply type in a function and Google will show you an interactive graph at the tip of the search results page. You can zoom in and out across the plane to explore the function in more detail and also plot multiple functions.

"I still recall the day when my friend Yossi came to school and showed off his brand new graphing calculator," Google Engineer Adi Avidor writes on the Google Inside Search blog. "I was stunned by how easy it was to plot complicated functions -- meanwhile, the rest of us were still drawing them by hand on graph paper."

While there are a number of free and paid mobile apps that function like...

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Is @TwitterMusic Faking its 256K+ Followers?

@TwitterMusic, a verified account on Twitter, has 260K+ followers but the vast majority don't have any tweets, followers or photos which makes us wonder if Twitter is faking its followers?

The @TwitterMusic handle, which first tweeted on Oct. 17, seems to be a Twitter-owned account because we doubt Twitter would verify a fake account. While @TwitterMusic does have seemingly legitimate followers, such as @hanaofangel with a Klout score of 57 and @MikeyS809 with a Klout score of 41, in addition to having a spot on the @TheGRAMMYs/grammynoms list, many of the handles other followers have little to no Klout.

LAUNCH has contacted Twitter via email, Twitter and phone and will update this story if we hear back from them.

Other users following @TwitterMusic include @RahmiSoq, who...

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Never Give up, Never Surrender

By Jason Calacanis

A year ago SNS (social network service) launched as the anti-Facebook. With odd product choices like a 50-person friend limit and an iPhone-only release, the service created a lot of discussion.

I became a huge fan of the privacy-first Path because, as many of you know, I've had a slight problem with the way in which Facebook has flipped user privacy, with opting folks in to features they would never embrace.

The government had a problem with Facebook's approach as well, and just last week Zuckerberg admitted his track record was a disaster.

Facebook agreed to a 20-year, third-party audit.

It's worth reading the settlement.

Back to Path. The service was considered dead.

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