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New Path App Automatically Opts You into Sharing Your Location -- But Why?

Editor's note [ 11/30/11 at 4:46pm ]: We've clarified and updated the story based on information from Path CEO Dave Morin.

While everyone has good reason to ooh and aah over the 2.0 Path app for its sharing-of-everything features and elegant design, we noticed something that others have glossed over: the app will start sharing your location as part of its new "Automatic" feature if you don't read the permission pop-up carefully.

When you start the 2.0 app, you're prompted to allow it to use your location. That's nothing unusual, right? Lots of apps ask to use your location -- that doesn't mean sharing it. Of course, we tapped "allow." But we didn't read the second line, which says Path wants to "save" location info to your path. It turns out this is Path's way of getting your permission to share your location, as co-founder and CEO Dave Morin confirmed to LAUNCH.

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Will Developers Create Apps for Spotify If They Can't Make Money from Them?

Now that music apps like TuneWiki, Pitchfork, Songkick and Rolling Stone are emerging on Spotify, we wonder if developers and brands will flock to Spotify.

In the "What's Next for Spotify" event today, Spotify CEO and founder Daniel Ek said that while developers won't get any revenue from their apps, they can get value in earning clout simply by being visible on the Spotify platform.

Now, any developer can build an HTML5 app for Spotify's desktop version. But similar to the Apple App Store process, Spotify will approve each app before making it available on the platform. Unlike Apple and Android, however, all of the apps will be free meaning that developers still cant monetize apps on the platform.

While Spotify apps could pose a threat to Apple, Amazon and Google, the...

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"What's Next for Spotify?" Live Blog 

Spotify is gearing up to most likely announce Facebook-style apps and an open app platform to developers, but we expect there's more to come at Spotify's first-ever press event in New York. Follow the live blog below.


The band, named Fun, performance at Spotify. Image courtesy of Mashable.

[9:55] Up-and-coming artists are now performing at the Spotify event. Unfortunately, the Ustream feed went down and we can no longer see the event. 

[9:52] A: "We pay every time someone plays a song and we feel that's a great model because obviously there's value created whenever someone listens to a song," Daniel says. They pay out vast majority of all the revenues.

[9:51] Q: What do feel as you scale in terms of number of users in regards to...

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Spotify Will Offer Apps and Open Platform to Developers

Spotify is about to start offering Facebook-style apps and open its app platform to developers, according to The Wall Street Journal.

"When it starts on Wednesday, the "app finder" is likely to include reviews from magazines and blogs that allow users to listen to albums as they read reviews, the people say," the article states. "One app will display lyrics as a song plays, while another will generate a list of upcoming concerts by artists in a user's Spotify playlists and offer links to buy tickets."

As The Verge notes, Spotify has tried to appeal to developers in the past by offering the libspotify set of APIs to integrate Spotify music into other apps.

Leading up to the "What's Next for Spotify" event...

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Can Facebook Get You a Job? (Infographic)

Many people associate modern day job searches with LinkedIn more than Facebook, but according to a recent study by Jobvite, 18.4M Americans say Facebook helped get them a job, while only 10.2M Americans say LinkedIn got them their job. 

As an infographic from MBA Online shows, the number of people who found jobs because of Facebook is more than the populations of New York City and Los Angeles combined. The number of people who reported getting jobs because of LinkedIn, on the other hand, comes out to a little more than the state of Michigan. 

"The days of printing out a stack of résumés and handing them out at job fairs are definitely over," the infographic states. "Social media is the new 24/7 job fair, providing amazing ways to constantly stay on the radar of prospective employers, but many people still don't know how to utilize it."

[ See full infographic after the jump. ]

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