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New reasons to attend LAUNCH Beacon!



We're a little over 4 weeks out from LAUNCH Beacon and there are more reasons than ever to attend this exclusive summit on June 16, in New York!  You'll get the opportunity to see super new technology in the retail, e-commerce, payment, and location spaces.

Added to the agenda recently:

  • Aaron Mittman (Sonic Notify) and Kenny Lauer (Golden State Warriors) will show @Jason how they're working together to make the Golden State Warriors arena beacon-enabled. 
  • Ashley Etling (Red Clay) will showcase some of the products that her platform has made possible
  • Power Lunch panelists like Ruchika Kumar (Boutiika), Maxine Bédat (Zady), and David Munczinski (Brickwork) will share their insights on the state of the industry

If you'd like to help with the event, there are a couple of ways to do it:

1. Introduce us to anyone you know who runs a retail brand so we can invite them to the event as our guests.

2. If you've seen something awesome for retail (like Aisle 411's indoor mapping or Slyce's visual search product), let us know!   

It's not too late to join us for a day full of fireside chats, Power Lunches, and networking – capped off with a dinner at Pivotal Labs, right around the corner!  Tickets at:

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New Speakers - LAUNCH Beacon!


We hope you're already planning to join us in New York next month for LAUNCH Beacon on June 16, where @Jason will take the stage to talk with leaders in retail, e-commerce, payment, and location.  At lunchtime, sit in at one of our Power Lunches  – moderated converations on topics like payment strategies, clienteling, and more – then join us for dinner and drinks around the corner!

It will be THE place to see what's new, and to join in the conversation.  

Tickets are limited! To reserve yours, visit

Joining us at LAUNCH Beacon:

Ali Asaria
(CEO, Tulip Retail | @TulipRetail)
Cameron Chell (Co-Founder, Slyce | @SlyceIt)
Andrew Cove (Co-Founder, Cover | @coverpay)
Ryan Craver (SVP, Corporate Strategy, Lord & Taylor | @lordandtaylor)
Ken Denman (President, CEO, Emotient | @emotientinc)
Nanxi Liu (Founder, CEO, Enplug | @enplug)
David Munczinski (Founder, CEO, Brickwork | @DavidMunczinski)
Hilmi Ozguc (Founder, CEO, Swirl | @swirl)
Nathan Pettyjohn (Founder, CEO, Aisle411 | @Aisle411)
Jared Schiffman (Co-Founder, CEO, Perch | @PerchNYC)

...and more!

Is there someone you think we should absolutely include at LAUNCH Beacon? Suggest a speaker here.

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We're hiring!


Are you passionate about the tech space? Do you love startups? We're currently looking for awesome candidates to join our hard-working, energetic team at our office in mid-Market San Francisco:

  1. LAUNCH Ticker Analyst

 More information about LAUNCH events, This Week in Startups, and LAUNCH Ticker:

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Why I (we?) invested $378,000 in 


Over the past year, we’ve all read about the promise of AngelList’s Syndicate program. I’ve been shouting from the mountain tops that I think this is a revolution ( because an angel investor like myself could “jump the fence” and fully fund a founder.

Typically an angel gives $10k to $50k to a founder, which serves to kick off their fundraising process and maybe build out or improve their MVP (minimum viable product).

Founders take a high-profile angel’s name and sell it to VCs and other investors as their “social proof” that they are a serious concern. After this first Silicon Valley blessing, things tend to go well for startups. Every week, a couple of startups ping me to tell me, “We got [insert Kevin Rose/Cyan Banister/Gary Vaynerchuk/Joanne Wilson/Tim Ferriss] to commit! Can we share our plans with you?”

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Announcing LAUNCH Beacon: Retail, Location & Payments (June 16, NYC)



Every couple of years, folks like me say retail is dead, and the stats on malls seem to be proving that out -- with 15% estimated to close in the next 10 years. The stunning pictures of malls in transition, including this strip mall parking lot converted to an urban farm (, are the stuff of science fiction. Dystopian rebirth –– the street finding its own use for the past.

Yet we’re all still shopping like crazy. People still like to go out of their houses, despite the hype around the Oculus Rift that Zuck just bought for 1.3% of their stock.

As much as I love to set up “subscribe and save” on Amazon Prime, never having to think about coffee beans, soap and razors, I still like to get out of the house and take my four-year-old daughter somewhere on the weekends.

Folks are being pulled from their homes by the lure of 4D movie theaters in Los Angeles (, open spaces like Tony Hsieh’s container park in downtown Vegas (, and digital storefronts in shopping malls (

Retail, local and payments are all in massive transition.

When I sense something like this, I do two things:

1. Start writing checks as an angel investor
2. Hold a conference:

With regard to number one, I’ve invested in seven local-ish plays to date (about 10% of my investments): (sold to Facebook), (software for local businesses), (book any appointment), (find a service provider, like I just did for tennis), (urban logistics, not just cabs now that they launched Uber Rush in NYC), Red Tricycle (what to do with your kids:  and (software/services for salons and such). Links to each of these founders on This Week in Startups at the bottom of this announcement.

With regard to the conference, on June 16, I will host a one-day event in New York City (I’m coming home!) at the Metropolitan Pavilion on W. 18th Street (where I used to host Silicon Alley 99, 2000, etc).

Simple agenda: I will do demos with 10 startups that we hand select for awesomeness (not my investments FYI), two keynote/fireside chats and four partner presentations (keeping the lights on baby!). Then we will have an intimate dinner for 150.

This is a tiny event, but we hope it has great density of people who care about these issues.

How to be involved:
a) If you want to attend you can buy a ticket here:
b) If you work at a retailer in transition please ping us for an invite & feedback at
c) If you want to speak at the event you can apply here:
d) If you are broke and a founder/technologist with passion, we have 15 scholarships available for pre-funding
e) If you want to help keep the lights on and be one of the four presenting partners email
f) If you are working press -- on assignment covering the event -- apply here:
g) We will not be live streaming the event, but some content will be released as This Week in Startups episodes:

Thanks to my friends at Pivotal Labs for partnering with me on this awesome event.

best @Jason Calacanis & the LAUNCH team

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